Clear 2 Close Realtor Business Enhancing Program

Real estate agents who complete a profile for Clear 2 Close Home Loans and qualify for our Realtor Business Enhancing Program, will receive leads generated through our lead referral system. Our FSBO (For Sale By Owner) program generates additional leads. All leads are distributed randomly to participating Realtors in our Business Enhancing Program. In this you will:

•  Have the opportunity to participate in our lead sharing.
•  Gain fierce loyalty from clients who shop their mortgage with us and close faster. This loyalty creates an endless stream of referrals from the happy client, enabling you to work smarter – not harder.
•  Sell more property with less hassle and earn more money in the process.
•  Access and create an Online Pre Approval Template for all your referrals.
•  Marketing Materials available at your fingertips
•  Website – URL’s- available online and at your fingertips for listing appointments
•  Access to enrolling in round-robin lead generation.

Why Work With Clear 2 Close?

  • Online Posting of Homes. Qualified real estate agents will be able to post homes on our site for viewing by the general public.
  • Increase Your Exposure. Your profile will be available to anyone interested in hiring an agent.
  • Faster Paycheck. Our projected 21-day closure rate will speed revenue to your bank account.
  • Greater Loyalty. With hundreds of dollars in savings for your clients, you will also enjoy a loyal following and greater referral demand.
  • Credit Advantages. We make it easy because we fund and underwrite loans in our name. And because we make the credit decisions with our investors, we approve loans faster than competitors.
  • Valued Access. Some of our Investors include Wells Fargo, Chase, Caliber Mortgage, UWM and the biggest names in the business. The result is that you get access to every loan product available in the market. And frequently our rates are lower than using the retail arm of that same investor.
  • Extensive savings. Clear 2 Close and Radian Mortgage Insurance provide additional savings in products through the client appreciation discount package.

To qualify for our Realtor Business Enhancing Program, please complete the following information:

  • Please check the appropriate box below indicating the number of closed loans:

If you have questions, contact Clear2Close for more information.